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Media Rights Contracts

Alexandria is a technological solution which deploys distributed ledger technology to enable the trusted exchange of information between participants in the entertainment industry.

Trusted Asset Library

Register your own IP in the Asset Library or view assets licensed from third party rights holders. Alexandria provides a trusted database that tracks the licensing status of all your assets, helping you identify gaps in monetization and avoid unintended collisions of exclusive rights.

Single Asset

New Blockbuster

2022 · PG-13 · 2h 10m

Action Drama

In a world on the brink of collapse, 'The New Blockbuster' unfolds a gripping tale of survival, where an unlikely duo, a fearless boy and a determined girl, hold the key to humanity's destiny. As chaos reigns, their choices will shape a new world order in this heart-pounding adventure of love, hope, and resilience.

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Financial Terms

Efficient Contracting

Select assets for licensing, configure the terms of an evolving deal and generate a fully customized natural language agreement with a corresponding digital counterpart. Share it for a revision or approval, and sign it digitally – right here on Alexandria.

Natural Language Contract

TV and VOD Agreement
Lola for DACH




Collaborative License Administration

Sign licenses, report revenues and calculate outstanding positions according to the commercial terms of your license. Alexandria provides a single source of truth for the terms and the status of each license, so wave goodbye to costly disputes.

TV and VOD Agreement Lola for DACH

Format License Fee


30 days from invoice


Final production Budget

max 25k USD 34% * Final Production Budget

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Media Licensing Will Never Be The Same

Alexandria Media will revolutionize media rights licensing, driving major cost efficiencies across the global media market.

Fast, Transparent & Fully Automated

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Alexandria provides immutable records of IP and licenses, leaving no room for disputes between rights holders, licensors and licensees.

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Alexandria captures media licenses from the first draft to the last payment, enabling a uniquely intuitive experience and saving precious time in the process.

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Alexandria is tailored to the needs of the industry and informed by leading experts, and we do not shy away from customizing our product to the specific needs of the client.

Secure File


Alexandria acknowledges that transaction data is highly sensitive, so data security takes priority in anything we do.

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